LodgeWare v0.01 (beta)


LodgeWare, a free service of Hiramís LodgeWorks, is the most useable and secure way to manage your Lodge membership information. Easy to use, with advanced reporting features, LodgeWare is your Secretaryís dream come true.


How do I use LodgeWare:

LodgeWare data is stored and delivered via secure web technologies. You use LodgeWare through your web browser.


How much does LodgeWare cost:

LodgeWare is completely free. No seriously. It is free. All services of Hiramís LodgeWorks are delivered to the Masonic community by Freemasons at no cost. We are business technologists, who feel compelled to assist the advancement of Freemasonry with our technical and business skills and experience at no cost.


What can I do with LodgeWare:

You can generate nearly any report you want, and manage people data with extreme ease. Push button reporting allows you to create membership roster and grand lodge returns with ease. Advancement and Committee groups allow you to maintain lodge projects and individual advancement with the push of a button.


Just how secure is this, I donít know that I trust the Internet:

We understand and appreciate the sensitivity of Masonic membership data. Your Lodge information is stored in secured databases that are not attached to the internet. Our web servers retrieve your information over dedicated and secured private networks. Lodge information is delivered over the internet via secured web servers using high-grade 256-bit AES encryption. Our web and database servers are contained in secure data centers using restricted access control methods. Datacenters are monitored 24/7 by highly trained security specialists with 150+ permanently recording video cameras. Only authorized personnel can enter our data centers Ė your data is always safe and secure, electronically and physically.


What about Hackers:

Nothing in the world is completely hacker proof. Our government battles hackers daily. So do we. Our code engines, our servers, our datacenters, and our networks are purpose built for security in mind making it extremely difficult to hack. Our servers are monitored 24/7 for abnormal and hacker activity and we respond immediately should anything trip our alarms.


What about virus, spyware, and other malware:

Our servers and networks are not exposed directly to such threats. We employ network monitoring and host counter-measures to prevent malware attack vectors. However, if your machine becomes infected, and your password is compromised it is possible for nefarious individuals to impersonate you and access our systems. We encourage you to secure your home and work computers and keep them free from malware to protect your data and identity.